National Merit Scholarship Program

SAT Suite of Assessments Overview – brochure

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PSAT – Scholarship Partners

PSAT_NMSQT Benefits 2021

High School Administrators and Counselors:

The PSAT is great practice for the SAT providing a useful measure of performance comparing scores of those of actual college board test takers in their same grade. It highlights strengths and any areas of needed improvement. The PSAT helps the student strategize as they think of college applications and can qualify for scholarships including the highly selective National Merit Scholarship Program.

PSAT October 2021 dates:

High schools will receive student guides for distribution prior to the October dates.  Additionally, high school principals will receive a guide to the National Merit Program.  PSAT Student Guide:

Additional information is attached for 1-4:

  1. SAT Suite of Assessments of Overview
  2. PSAT Benefits –specific to the PSAT/NMSQT flyer
  3. PSAT Scholarship Partners – other scholarship opportunities (outside of National Merit) that are for both 10th and 11th grade participants
  4. Student Search Service – information about Student Search Service for educators to share with students; students opt in for the associated opportunities
  5. National Recognition Programs website
  6. Scholarships and Recognition website