Mississippi Public Broadcasting – Read for the Record November 7

2019 Read for the record (1)

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record® is a national effort to raise awareness about the need for high-quality early learning for all children and the transformative power of books and reading to impact student learning and engagement. Join MPB in celebrating the power of reading as you read out loud “Thank You Omu!” to children at a school/childcare center. The book is a story about a woman named Omu who makes a thick red stew that smells so delicious, it brings neighbor after neighbor to her door.  Time after time Omu shares, until there is no more stew for her! Omu is surprised when her community brings her a special meal to show their gratitude.

Please share to help the Mississippi Public Broadcasting achieve their goal of 50,000 participants. This book ranges from PreK to 3rd grade, and there are great classroom and family resources available.