MDE COVID-19 Guidance to Districts as of April 30, 2020

Clarification Regarding Digital Access Surveys for Families and Teachers/School Employees
The MDE recently released a survey to school districts that asks teachers and school employees about their home internet access. If you are a teacher or school district employee who lives outside of the district where you work, please indicate on the survey the district where you live. This will help identify where internet access gaps exist across the state. The survey results will be shared with the governor’s office to help target efforts to resolve gaps in access. Please also let the district where you work know that you have responded to the survey. Thank you.

Superintendents: Digital Access Surveys for Families and School Employees Due May 14
As school closures continue and as the state develops plans to direct resources to the areas of greatest need, the MDE has prepared two brief surveys for districts to circulate: one to their families, the other to their teachers, administers and other staff who are/will be working from home. The surveys focus on devices at home, home internet access, and the quality/reliability of that connection.

Aggregated results from districts will be shared with the governor’s office for planning purposes. Because of the critical nature of these questions – and how the results will shape state policy to address the internet connectivity challenges across the state – please do your best to reach as many families as possible and to achieve as high as response rate as possible.

The MDE prepared two different formats of the surveys. You may choose the approach best suited to your district. If you have any questions, please contact MDE’s Chief Information Officer, John Kraman at

Option 1: Fillable PDF Survey

You can print the surveys and distribute them as hard copies, you can email them and collect them electronically, or you can cut and paste the questions into a different survey method your district prefers.

  • Please email your compiled results using this response spreadsheet by 5 p.m., Thursday, May 14, to 
  • This approach will require you to collect and tally the results. The spreadsheet has one tab for family results and second for teacher results.
  • While using the fillable PDF (or the questions from it) will require the extra step of compiling responses, you will be able to monitor results and help your families and teachers complete it.
  • Family Survey (PDF Version) 
  • Teacher Survey (PDF Version)


  • Option 2: Web-based Survey
    You can send the links to your families and teachers for them to fill out using a computer or smart phone. Responses will go directly to the MDE.
  • Please ask your families and teachers/staff to complete the survey by 5 p.m., Thursday, May 14.
  • This approach will leave the compiling of responses to the MDE.
  • While using the web-based survey will save you the step of compiling results, you will not have the ability to monitor results and help your families and teachers complete it.
  • Family Survey (Web Version)  
  • Teacher Survey (Web Version)


Supporting English Learners During Extended School Closure

To support educators working with English learners, the MDE has created guidance for distance learning that focuses on adapting instructional strategies related to the four language domains and best practices for EL students in a distance learning situation. This resource also provides guidance on issues related to Language Service Plans and SET meetings during distance learning. The document is posted on the MDE website.

Zoom Guidance
Zoom has released guidance on delivering instruction through its platform. Read the Comprehensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom.Improving Literacy: Research Alliance Update
The latest REL-Southeast newsletter provides a roundup of resources for schools and families. Use the link at the bottom of the newsletter to subscribe to REL-Southeast emails.

CCSSO Resources and Updates for States on COVID-19           

CCSSO continues to add and update resources daily:

  • CCSSO Curated Resources for Remote Learning During COVID-19: Today we posted a curated set of resources to support remote learning activities and the use of high-quality instructional materials during this time of unprecedented disruption to students’ normal educational experiences and routines. Resources include recommendations for high-quality instructional materials, sample schedules for ‘learning at home,’ supports for teachers, and resources targeted for students learning English and students with disabilities.
  • Guidance on Serving English Learners: Today, we updated the supporting English learners resource that compiles guidance from state education agencies and organizations on the topic of supporting continuity of learning for ELs. The update includes additional state examples and resources from national and local organizations as states and partners continue to provide and update materials. For example, Washington state released guidance to implement continuous learning for multilingual students/English language learners and for migratory students (under Title I, Part C). The publications cover a variety of topics specific to the needs of these two populations. New resources are also available from Massachusetts, Ohio, and Texas, as well as resources from WIDA on teaching multilingual learners online.
  • CCSSO Collaboratives COVID Support: All of CCSSO’s collaboratives continue to host calls and webinars to provide direct technical assistance to state members in their respective program and policy areas. For example, today CCSSO’s English Learners Collaborative hosted a webinar for its members from 42 states to review state needs in responding to coronavirus.  Also today CCSSO’s Social Studies Collaborative hosted a webinar for its members from 18 states featuring leaders from MIT’s Teaching Systems Lab sharing their report “Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A First Look,” with recommendations and best practices for state education agencies providing remote learning guidance during COVID-19 school closures.
  • Summer Learning Resources for Families: Students’ access to learning opportunities through the summer months is particularly critical this year. To promote learning during this unprecedented time and stem summer learning loss, MetaMetrics® today announced with CCSSO that it is offering free premium access to parent tools that support remote student learning. A resource guide is available here to review free, online reading and math tools that support remote learning. The tools can be used regardless of if students have Lexile® and Quantile® measures.
  • Reminder: Teacher Appreciation Week: Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and a special opportunity to let educators in your state know how much you appreciate them. Later this week, CCSSO will share ideas for ways you can recognize teachers through social media. Stay tuned for details.Do You Have Questions for MDE?
    Please check the MDE COVID-19 Information webpage before emailing your questions to MDE staff. The answers to most of the questions we receive are addressed on the webpage. We also regularly add guidance, answers to new questions and links to our daily update email on this webpage. Daily updates are posted in the Administrator News section of the EdUpdate.