MDE COVID-19 Guidance to Districts as of April 28, 2020

Covid-19 Updates for Districts

Teacher Resources
The MDE has curated a list of resources and tools, categorized by content area online at These resources include tools for English, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as resources for arts, world languages, career and technical education, and English learners.

Resources have been divided into the following categories:

Free Online Quizzes to Check Student Knowledge
For a limited time, Scantron is offering FREE access to hundreds of online classroom quizzes ready to administer to students in their homes. These quizzes are designed to be quick, standards-based “checks” of student knowledge delivered via Scantron’s online benchmark assessment platform. Teachers select quiz(zes) aligned to the standards being taught, so they can determine whether students have attained the standards.

Available quizzes support Mathematics for grades 1–8 and English Language Arts for grades K–8. Each quiz contains 15 items on a specific subject, strand, and grade level of math and ELA and should take about 15 minutes for a student to complete. A comprehensive document that describes the content of each quiz plus access to an on-demand training library helps teachers search for the quiz that covers the material to be assessed. Visit the website to learn more about Scantron’s free quiz offering.

During this time of distance learning, CHARACTER COUNTS! is providing free online character development resources for parents and educators that are age specific for elementary, middle school, and high school. We have been receiving great responses to the resources from educators and parents across the country. We have heard from education leaders in Texas, Kansas, and New York that they are some of the finest character based on-line resources they have seen.

Lesson plans include a search function by grade level and topical focus. These lesson plans help teachers continue developing the character of their students, while also providing simple writing prompts and other online activities:

Family Guides are available for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Family Guides are a great resource to share with families who are in need of learning activities to do with their students while at home:

CHARACTER COUNTS! resources were vetted by a curriculum committee at the Iowa Department of Education and have been included in their online resource page for educators and parents:

Do You Have Questions for MDE?
Please check the MDE COVID-19 Information webpage before emailing your questions to MDE staff. The answers to most of the questions we receive are addressed on the webpage. We also regularly add guidance, answers to new questions and links to our daily update email on this webpage. Daily updates are posted in the Administrator News section of the EdUpdate.