MDE COVID-19 Guidance to Districts as of April 1, 2020

Covid-19 Updates for Districts

Do You Have Questions for MDE?
Please check the MDE COVID-19 Information webpage before emailing your questions to MDE staff. We regularly add guidance, answers to questions and links to our daily update email. Daily updates are posted in the Administrator News section of the EdUpdate.

Lieutenant Governor’s Activity for Students
Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann has created three grade-appropriate activities for your consideration as you send home learning packets and online assignments for pre- K- 12 students this week. The assignments, which all center on communicating with lawmakers about how the current crisis is impacting students and families, include:

  • A Think, Draw, Write! activity for pre- K through 3rd Grade students;
  • Writing prompts for 4th through 6th Grade students; and
  • Essay prompts for 7th through 12th Grade students.

These are optional and designed to be fun and thoughtful additions to any work you are already sending home. They are not intended to create additional work for you.

A parent/guardian permission slip is included. If your student completes one of these assignments, Lt. Gov. Hosemann’s office may feature it on social media and distribute it to state senators. First names and schools only will be used when featuring completed assignments online. Only assignments that are accompanied by a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian will be featured.

From meal delivery to adjusting to this new way of teaching and learning, state leaders appreciate everything educators are doing for children across Mississippi during this very difficult time. You may contact Lt. Gov. Hosemann at

Census Day of Action: April 1, 2020 
Today is Census Day! You and the families in your districts are encouraged to complete your Census questionnaire. It will only take 10 minutes. You may respond online at, by calling the toll-free number, 1-844-330-2020, or by mailing back the questionnaire you receive in the mail. If you don’t have a questionnaire or postcard with a Census ID, you can enter your address online to complete the Census.  

Your response matters. Census results help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year. The 2020 Census results will have a direct impact on Mississippi’s federal education funding allocation for years to come. 

 Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the Census in their distance learning lesson plans. Resources can be found on the Statistics in Schools website,