MCEE Workshops

Master Teacher of Economics

Description: Economics is really cool! There is no other subject that is more “real world”. Learn how to teach the subject in an exciting, engaging and hands-on manner through the Master Teacher in Economics (MTE) program. It is designed for middle and high school teachers to increase their economic understanding. This improves teachers’ abilities to bring economics to their students in stand-alone economics courses or to integrate economics as a strand within social studies and business curricula.

For: Middle school and high school teachers

Where: The MTE is a hybrid course (75 hours). There will be one in-person class meeting in Jackson (7 hours) and the remainder of your work will be done online (68 hours) to be completed by Friday, March 6, 2020.

Principal Support Letter for MTE
• Must bring a laptop computer or tablet with capability to hookup to wi-fi.

When: In-person MTE Orientation: Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 9:00am-4:00pm** @ Millsaps College in Jackson.

**Attendance at orientation is REQUIRED.

What’s in it for me?: 7.5 CEUs, lesson plans, possible 193 economics endorsement on license; $500 stipend for completion. For teachers of stand alone economics courses there is an additional $500 stipend available to you upon certification of your principal.

**All teachers completing the Master Teacher of Economics program must meet the requirements in the principal certification letter in order to receive the additional $500 stipend. We expect that all teachers receiving this $2,000 investment will incorporate economics into their classrooms post MTE program. The purpose of the additional $500 stipend is to encourage teachers to ask to be assigned to teach economics and for the principals to assign MTE prepared teachers to teach the stand alone economics course after the MTE certification is obtained.

Contact: 601-974-1325;

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2019


Economics of Modern Germany

Description: Come learn about the Transatlantic Outreach Program, its K-12 resources for Social Studies and STEM teachers, and all-expense paid teacher study tour opportunities to Germany. Workshop participants will take part in discussions and activities that focus on:

  • the modern German economy
  • the prevalence of German-based companies in Mississippi
  • Germany’s important role within the European Union
  • German reunification and East Germany’s transition from a command to market economy

For: 6-12 grade teachers

When: Friday, October 18, 2019; 9:00am-2:30pm

Where: Millsaps College; Jackson, MS

Fee: No registration fee; credit card required to hold your spot.

Requirements: Must bring a laptop or tablet with wifi capability.

What’s in it for me?: Teachers that attend the workshop will receive 0.5 continuing education units from MCEE at no cost, lunch, lesson plans and classroom materials designed to help teach multiple economic concepts and standards.

Contact: 601-974-1325 or

Registration Deadline: October 15, 2019



FinCamp by NextGen Personal Finance

 Description: “I feel well armed with resources and I am so excited to go back and teach my kids!” / “I am re-energized about teaching personal finance and how “realistic” it can be …”

What are these teachers raving about? It’s called NGPF FinCamp, and it’s sweeping the nation. NGPF’s “50 FinCamps in 50 States” Initiative is bringing this one-day professional development to every state this school year AT NO COST! Why? We know that educators are the key to ensuring that ALL students have access to a high-quality, engaging personal finance course.

What can you expect from an NGPF FinCamp?

  • YOU will build your content knowledge through specialized sessions on trends in personal finance and investing
  • YOU will find resources that you can implement immediately in your classroom
  • YOU will collaborate with passionate personal finance educators and NGPF Team members in a fun, fast-paced environment

For: 6-12 grade teachers

When: February 14, 2020; 8:00am-3:00pm

Where: Old Capitol Inn; Jackson, MS

Fee: No registration fee

Requirements: Must have a desktop, laptop or tablet with internet capability.

What’s in it for me?: Teachers that attend the workshop will receive 0.6 continuing education units from MCEE at no cost. Breakfast and lunch are provided plus a hands on engaging experience. Watch this short video!

Contact: 601-974-1325 or