Mathematics Textbook Adoption

Greetings Teachers:

As a follow-up to the email below that was shared with districts this spring, we wanted to provide you an update on the mathematics textbook adoption. Please note that new K-8 materials are currently available for adoption, and 9-12 mathematics materials are going through an additional review in July with State Board of Education adoption to follow. Until such time as 9-12 materials have been approved, districts should continue to use current texts.

While the MDE has significantly strengthened the textbook review process over the last couple of years, we still rely on Mississippi teachers to review materials being considered for adoption by the State Board of Education. The MDE has typically rewarded teachers for their participation in textbook reviews through the award of CEUs. We are currently moving toward the use of review committee contracts in order to compensate individuals completing textbook reviews.

Selection of textbooks remains a local decision. Textbooks and instructional materials that are not state-adopted may be purchased by local school districts directly from the appropriate publisher or vendor without approval from MDE in accordance with state purchasing procedures. However, the MDE encourages districts to have a review plan to ensure the quality of materials being published.

We appreciate your patience as we are working to put the best possible instructional materials in your hands. While we are currently working to finalize mathematics titles for grades 9-12, the MDE will extend the new review process to other content areas in future adoption years. As additional opportunities for teachers to participate in the review process become available, we will provide more information via this listserv.


From: Nathan Oakley
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 8:58 AM
Subject: Textbook Adoption List

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Greetings Curriculum Coordinators and Textbook Coordinators:

The State Board of Education (SBE) approved the 2019 State Textbook Adoption on Thursday, April 11, 2019.  A list of the new adopted textbooks is available online at

After an internal review of the state textbook committee member reviews for high school math, it was determined that there is a need to further review the high school math materials again for clarity and completeness. Therefore, The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) will conduct another review this spring of the previously submitted high school math titles, using the same review rubric presented at the publisher’s meeting on November 5, 2018. We will solicit new reviewers for high school math, then train and guide those reviewers to help provide a clear and complete high school math review of all submitted titles. Advanced Placement (AP) titles in mathematics and social studies will also be reviewed this spring by a select committee of educators. Once the new committees for high school math, AP math, and AP social studies complete their reviews, the list of recommended titles will be submitted to the SBE. We hope to release an adoption list of high school math and AP titles before July 1, 2019.

Because of the delayed release of the state adopted list, schools that order textbooks through the Textbook Office at the Mississippi Department of Education will have until May 15, 2019, to submit all orders that will need to be filled before the 2019-2020 school year.  Failure to submit order forms by May 15, 2019 may delay the processing of any orders until after July 1, 2019. Thus, the textbook office cannot insure that those textbook orders will be filled before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

If you have any questions, please contact Chauncey Spears in the MDE Textbook Procurement office at 601-984-8273 or via e-mail at

Nathan Oakley, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer