The Mississippi Braves are pleased to announce the implementation of the Braves Bookworms Reading Program. The program was created to encourage and enhance literacy among the youth of Central Mississippi. The program is entirely free for students and educators.

Braves Bookworms is designed to help promote a lifelong love of reading and baseball in children through a partnership with local schools. All students from Pre-K through 8th grade are invited to participate. Braves Bookworms incentivizes students to read outside the classroom by rewarding them for reaching specific goals set by their teachers. The program is designed to run for four weeks, beginning in January, 2020.

Schools participating will have the opportunity to invite Mississippi Braves mascots and staff to present a Braves Bookworm Kickoff Pep Rally at the school to encourage participation and communicate the importance of reading. These Pep Rallies will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis to schools within 30 miles of Trustmark Park.

Students participating in the program will receive an M-Braves bookmark. Once the students’ objectives are complete from your teacher, the bookmark becomes a ticket voucher that can be exchanged for an actual ticket at the Trustmark Park for a 2020 Mississippi Braves home game between April 9 – June 15!  They are required to reach goals set by educators while they “Read Around the Bases,” creating a customizable incentive-based program to encourage children to read. Specific Reading Program dates will be set to recognize students for completing the program with a pregame ceremony and parade around the field.

To sign your school up for the program, fill out THIS ENROLLMENT FORM and send it back to the Braves either by mail, fax, or email. Once we receive your enrollment, we will contact you regarding our game dates, Reading Pep Rally as well as delivery of your program materials. Please contact the Braves by calling 888-BRAVES4 or emailing us at mississippibraves@braves.com.