Leadership professional learning workshop set for Aug. 25-26

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) Office of School Improvement will offer a two-day professional learning workshop available to all school and district leaders Aug. 25-26 in Jackson, Mississippi.

This professional learning experience will provide leaders an opportunity to engage in training built upon the foundational principles from John Maxwell’s books, The Five Levels of Leadership and The 360 Degree Leader.  Interested participants can review the session description below and utilize the link to register.


Leadership is influence and the right kind of influence brings out the best in people.  This two-day workshop, The Five Levels of Leadership and The 360 Degree Leader, are full-day workshops led by a trained John Maxwell Company facilitator and designed to create paths for leaders to step up and lead well. School and district leaders will tackle the challenges of leading up, across, and down and discover how self-leadership is the catalyst that boosts their influence.

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