Launching new textbook inventory management system due by Oct. 7

The Textbook Office is introducing the new TIMS 2.0 virtual platform. The new TIMS 2.0 inventory system will track active, surplus, and disposed print textbooks; digital licenses, consumables, and purchased textbook vendor provided professional development.

TIMS 2.0 will support all modern web browsers and will not require java. All orders purchased through the regional textbook depository will automatically be added to the school’s TIMS 2.0 account. This falls under Miss. Code Ann. § 37-43-51.

All public school districts and accredited non-public schools will need to complete the linked Microsoft Form to ensure that each school’s information will be correctly migrated from TIMS 1.0 to TIMS 2.0. Link:

TIMS 1.0 will close at midnight, Monday, Oct. 3, ALL districts/schools will need to run the Active Listing Report. This report will be used as a way to double check that the textbook inventory is correct after the migration.

TIMS 2.0 Textbook Coordinator Contact information is due to Elizabeth Simmons by Friday, Oct. 7 by 2 p.m.

Once the TIMS 2.0 virtual platform is completed, districts will receive invitations to webinar training.