Keeping up with current events can help students academically this summer

Summer of learning

The Mississippi Department of Education’s Summer of Learning website offers student-friendly current event resources. To start your student’s summer of learning, visit

For this activity you’ll need: Newspaper, magazine, or virtual current event resources


  • Have the student select a current event that he/she would like to learn more about.
  • Discuss with him/her what he/she already knows about the topic.
  • Use magazines or newspapers from the local library or use digital resources to find more about the topic.

Resources: (For login information, please see your student’s teacher or school administrator.)

  • Newsela: Newsela provides content specifically to enhance, engage, and extend the English Language Arts standards. (3rd – 12th)
  • News-O-Matic: This news site publishes daily articles which include numerous multimedia features to help keep students engaged. (K – 8th)