K-3 Screener Data Submission

Greetings Superintendents, District Test Coordinators, and Curriculum Coordinators:

As a reminder, districts are required to submit the K-3 Reading Screener Selection Notification and Grant Application for Approved Screeners, as well as beginning-of-year (BOY) and middle-of-year (MOY) data in accordance with the established timeline and process to be eligible for reimbursement. Please note that end-of-year (EOY) data submissions will count toward reimbursement for the subsequent year.

Middle-of-Year Kindergarten to 3rd grade universal screener data must be submitted through the dedicated SharePoint site no later than February 1, 2020.

Please ensure your district has submitted an invoice for Pre-K through 3rd Grade screeners. This invoice may include Pre-K-3rd Grade reading screeners (as well as math if bundled as single product), hosting fees required to run screeners, and required data transfer technology. The screener costs for Pre-K through 3rd grade must be separated from all other grades.

Please contact Melissa Beck at 601.359.5245 or mailto:mbeck@mdek12.orgwith any questions.


Nathan Oakley, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer