INPUT REQUESTED: Academic Business Course Validation

Academic Business Teachers and High School Principals:

MDE has partnered with the Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) at Mississippi State University to revise the academic business and technology frameworks. This will be accomplished in phases over the next year or so, with the first phase coming to a completion soon.

We need your help! Below, you will see links to the first four drafts of the newly revised curriculum and a validation survey link. Please review any or all of the documents that you will be teaching and complete the survey for each. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your input. We also ask that you send this to any other stakeholder that may have valuable input in this process.

The first four revised or newly created documents, which are scheduled to be implemented in the Fall of 2022, are listed below:

  1. Personal Finance –
  2. Business Law –
  3. Business Essentials (replacing Business Fundamentals) –
  4. E-Commerce (new) –

Validation Survey –

Please complete this by Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Thank you for your time!