Hanover Research Resources

Support Teacher Wellness 

  • Employee Engagement and Wellbeing – This report discusses best practices for offering employee health and wellness programs and reviews strategies that encourage employees to participate in employer-offered wellness programs. The report also profiles districts that have done this successfully.
  • Staff Well-Being Check-Ins During COVID-19 – This brief describes mechanisms staff can use to help their colleagues during COVID-19, including monitoring their well-being, identifying warning signs of stress and trauma, providing supports and resources, and creating a working environment that acknowledges and normalizes staff reactions to challenging situations.
  • School Staff Self-Care During COVID-19 – This brief discusses the importance of self-care for educators and shares strategies for supporting teacher resilience during COVID-19, such as engaging in mindfulness activities and harnessing creativity.

Teacher Retention and Recruitment

  • 2021 Trends in K-12 Education – The need to support teacher wellness and adopt innovative strategies to recruit teachers in response to staffing shortages are two of eight trends highlighted in Hanover’s review of key challenges and opportunities districts will face this year.
  • Teacher Attrition and Retention Calculations – This report describes how to collect data, calculate retention rates, and use the findings to improve retention by addressing the underlying causes.
  • Teacher Workforce Demographic Assessment – This report analyzes teacher workforce demographics at the state (Mississippi) and national levels, including among teachers of color. The report also notes best practices for recruiting and supporting teachers of color.
  • Lessons Learned: Conquering Today’s Challenges in K-12 Education – On Wednesday, February 24 at 1pm EST, Hanover will be joined by Dr. Akeshia Craven-Howell, Dr. Andy Whisman, and Mr. Tim Conzett in a webinar to discuss strategies for addressing a few key challenges facing districts across the country, including closing the digital divide, navigating declining enrollment, and managing a challenging budget season. Please click here to register.
  • Leading through a Dual Pandemic (Part II) – On Wednesday, March 10 at 2pm EST, Hanover will be hosting the next installment of the webinar series on leadership with Dr. Dana Bedden, Dr. Lance Goodpaster, Dave Tebo, and Steve Murley. The panel will share how they are embracing the opportunity to examine and build strategic plans grounded in equity. Please click here to register.