Hand Sanitizer & PPE Available for K-12 Schools from MEMA

Hand Sanitizer & PPE Request Form

Announcement from MEMA About PPE and Hand Sanitizer for K-12 Schools

MEMA will continue to support K-12 schools with any emergent needs. This includes all public and private K-12 educational institutions (day care centers are not included). As you begin preparations for summer school, the fall semester, and the return to in-classroom instruction, now would be an excellent time to let us know if you have any needs. Specifically, we have an excess of Hand Sanitizer and would encourage all of you NOT to spend any of your valuable funds on this item. We have hundreds of pallets available and will gladly deliver to locations of your choice at no charge. The majority of what we have is 2-liter bottles with a top-mounted hand pump – ideal for dormitories, classrooms, locker rooms, gyms, offices, sporting and entertainment venues, etc. We do ask that you order hand sanitizer by the pallet (360 bottles per pallet). We also have robust stocks of all PPE items.

Please don’t be bashful in ordering, and it is never too early to stockpile, as there is no telling where the COVID-19 mission will take us. Our distribution teams are standing by, ready and able to deliver M-F.

If you have access to WebEOC, that is the preferred method to request items. If not, use the attached request form and e-mail it to logdocs@mema.ms.gov.