Governor Bryant Encourages Mississippi High School Students to Join Innovative Cybersecurity Competition

Thank you for assisting in getting the word out on the Girls Go Cyberstart Challenge.  As I mentioned, I am the State Coordinator for Mississippi and I am in need of your assistance to get the word out on this excellent program.  This program empowers girls to become the next leaders in cybersecurity by encouraging high school girls to explore career opportunities in this field.  It is a fun and interactive online program composed of digital challenges to introduce girls to cybersecurity.  I have attached a flyer regarding the program with a link to the website and a copy of the press release from Governor Bryant’s Office (I corrected it to include the correct registration date).

Registration begins December 2nd with varying dates for other steps in the program.  To date, 28 states are signed up to take the challenge.  To sign up a teacher or club leader registers for a club on the Girls Go Cyberstart website.  They are provided a code to give interested girls to register which automatically joins them to your club.  The club leader acts as an organizer to get info about and communicate with the program.

All activities are online and girls can work together to solve challenges as a club or individually at home – or both.  On the website you can go to Cyberstart Go to check out the sampler set of puzzles – you will have 60 minutes to play through as many challenges as you can.  You will find additional resources on the SANS website.  You can also go on their new blog, Mrs. G’s Cyberstart Tips, which has Pop-up practice challenges plus walk-through solutions and a regular set of “What to know before you Cyberstart” articles.  Here are additional ways to learn about the program:

Twitter: @GGCyberStart

Instagram: @ggcyberstart

Facebook:  Girls Go Cyberstart