Fun STEAM activities await students this summer

Summer learning

The Mississippi Department of Education’s Summer of Learning website and local public libraries offer numerous resources and activities to support the Summer Reading Program: Ocean of Possibilities. To start your student’s summer of learning, visit

Here’s what you would need for this STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) activity: seashells (various sizes), googly eyes, hot glue gun, and paint


  • Pick a large shell that will be the body of the tropical fish and smaller shells for tails and fins
  • Paint the different shells
  • Once dried, glue on the tails, fins, and googly eyes
  • Visit Discovery Education to watch videos about oceans


  • Discovery Education: Students can take virtual field trips, conduct STEM activities, or listen to podcasts using Discovery Education. (K – 6th) (For login information, please see your student’s teacher or school administrator.)
  • PBS Learning Media: Find all sorts of STEAM activities for students from PBS. Activities are sorted by grades, subjects, relevance and popularity.