FAY and Demographic Data Files

2017-2018 Data Verification

Greetings Superintendents,

The MDE has been working to communicate the importance of data quality entered at the district level.  Over the past year and a half, the MDE has communicated through presentations, regional meetings and other communication updates that the MDE will discontinue the process of changing data entered in MSIS by districts after deadlines have passed.

In the past, districts have been allowed to submit requests for changes to data regarding student demographics, enrollment/withdrawal, and completion records, after MSIS deadlines have past, but before the data is processed for accountability purposes.  Some examples you may be familiar with are FAY, Demographics, and Cohort Review.  It is the expectation that districts are entering data, verifying the data, and certifying it on a monthly basis as part of monthly MSIS submissions.  It is critical that proper procedures for data entry are followed and that related deadlines are met.  This allows the MDE to process accountability results faster and get useful data compiled and reported back to the state and federal level expeditiously.

Despite the MDE’s efforts in communicating these changes, some districts have stated that they were unaware of these changes in regard to FAY and demographic data review.  As a result, the MDE has posted demographic and FAY files for districts in SharePoint under the district folder (superintendent access) in ORS/Accountability 2018/FAY and Demographic.  This will be last time that files of this type will be provided for internal review purposes.  Please review the attached PowerPoint prior to accessing the data files, as it will explain the data and the process for review. Please do not email requests for internal review.  Only those requests for internal review uploaded to SharePoint will be reviewed. If you have problems with SharePoint, you should contact the MDE helpdesk at 601-359-2837.

The deadline for submitting a Request for Internal Review of these files is 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 17, 2018.  All documents required for a request of review should be uploaded to the SharePoint district folder in ORS\Accountability 2018\Internal Review on or before the deadline.  Please submit only one file containing all required documentation, and ensure that it is posted in the Internal Review folder.

Additional Notes: 

  • Students listed in the FAY file are ALL students that had any enrollment in your district during the school year.  Just because a student is in the list doesn’t mean that they met FAY in your district/school.  Please refer to the instructions on how to interpret the spreadsheets.
  • Students that are improperly enrolled prior to being released from a prior district will have a period of dual enrollment and will not meet FAY.
  • FAY data is based on enrollment and withdrawal records entered by the districts in MSIS.  If this is correct, FAY will be correct.
  • Districts are not required to submit a response regarding these files.

For questions regarding these files email Alan Burrow at aburrow@mdek12.org.

Alan Burrow, Director
Office of District and School Performance
Division of Accountability