CSK5 & A Mississippi Breakout Session Opportunity

Attention All Mississippi elementary principals, superintendents, district curriculum leads, and STEM/computer science (CS) advocates!

Please join us September 22 at 2:00pm CT for one hour, well-spent: it’s the online event CSK5, the First National Summit for K-5 Computer Science Education.  The theme is Every School Can! The conference will begin with 30 minutes of guidance and specific resources from five top national organizations in CS education.  The conference will conclude with our 30-minute Mississippi Breakout Session, featuring

  • a review of the new K-12 computer science legislation and how it impacts elementary schools,
  • details on how elementary schools can get prepared to integrate computer science education, and
  • presentations by Dr. Aimee Brown, Director of CTE for the state and Dr. Louella Webster, STEM program officer for the state.

All participants will receive an “Every School Can Starter Pack” which includes resources for every school, including year-round Family Code Nights, free CSTA teacher membership, AI for All Kids, and more.

Sign Up Now, then please spread the word to colleagues and staff!  See our Mississippi Breakout Page and the CSK5 Flyer for more details, and we’ll see you at CSK5 and our Breakout Session on September 22.