Census 2020: Shape your future. Start here

The 2020 Census is fast approaching. As an educator or education supporter, you are always striving to do your part to create a brighter future for children. There are many ways you do that, and in 2020 there is one big way you can help: Support efforts to make sure EVERY child is counted in the 2020 Census, because you know that every child is a part of our community.

This nationwide count happens every 10 years. When the children are not counted, important decisions are affected, such as how much money to spend on services and programs that help children, including:

  • Special education.
  • Teacher training.
  • Technology.
  • School lunch assistance.
  • Head Start.
  • After-school programs.

Responses from the census provide the basis for distributing more than $675 billion in federal funds annually to communities across the country to support these vital programs and more.

How You Can Help

As school leaders, you are trusted by your students, staff, community members, and families, and you have a direct line of communication with them. You can get the word out about the importance of their participation in the 2020 Census and the benefits of an accurate count.

A great way to do this would be to share free resources from Statistics in Schools (SIS) to teach students about the value and everyday use of statistics. SIS is a U.S. Census Bureau program that uses census statistics to create classroom materials for grades pre-K through 12. Teachers and subject matter experts nationwide helped develop each SIS activity to make sure it is valuable and engaging. The SIS program includes more than 200 activities and resources that enhance learning in a variety of subjects.

 What’s New for 2020?

SIS has crafted new materials specifically for the 2020 Census to educate students and adults in their home about the importance of counting everyone in the 2020 Census, especially children. New SIS materials include: 

  • 67 new activities for grades pre-K through 12 that have students use data in interactive ways to build skills in subjects like history, math, geography, and English.
  • Large, colorful maps with fun census-based facts about the country and its territories, including state-by-state comparisons.
  • A storybook with activities and a music video for children in preschool and early grades.
  • Engaging videos created specifically for elementary, middle, and high school grade bands.
  • Resources for English language learners and adult English as a second language students.

These new materials will be available at the beginning of the school year at census.gov/schools.

Incorporate these resources in 2019 during Constitution Week (September 16-20) and again in 2020 for Statistics in Schools Week (March 2-6). Use Census Bureau tools, information, and messaging in creative ways—such as in newsletter articles, on co-branded products, and in social media content—to increase public participation in the 2020 Census. Share what you can to provide information to students, educators, community members, and families about the importance and benefits of participating in the 2020 Census.

 Shape your school’s future. Start here at census.gov/schools.