Access math games, digital lessons for students this summer

Summer of Learning

Continue your student’s learning this summer with numerous math games and digital lessons found on the Mississippi Department of Education’s Summer of Learning website

Check out these tips:

  • Talk with the student and determine areas of concern in terms of math.
  • Have the student select virtual math games or digital lessons to help with this area(s).
  • Create a weekly math time for the student.


  • Lexile Math Challenge: The Summer Math Challenge is a free, six-week program that helps children practice math skills through daily fun activities and engaging resources. (K – 8th)
  • Imagine Learning: Imagine Math and Math Facts builds problem-solving skills, provides personalized learning, and includes online math help. (K – 8th) (For login information, please see your student’s teacher or school administrator.)
  • Geometry 3-D Shapes Interactive: Geometry 3-D Shapes Interactive is a free learning website where students can learn about solids or three-dimensional geometric shapes and the academic vocabulary used to describe them. (6th – 12th)