42nd Juvenile Justice Symposium 2019

Why should education professionals attend the 42nd Juvenile Justice Symposium?

The Juvenile Justice Symposium provides a learning environment where interactive presentations and impactful discussions are presented to increase the capacity of educators to address truancy, child development, classroom management, and behavioral problems from a holistic perspective. To accomplish this goal, this year the symposium will offer sessions that:

  • Encourage educators to develop more reasoned and developmentally appropriate responses to school-based behavioral issues,
  • Educate teachers and administrators on pertinent juvenile justice issues,
  • Encourage the development of innovative and effective prevention and/or intervention strategies and programs that can divert youth from the juvenile justice system,
  • Improve educator’s effectiveness in promoting a safe, learning environment.

Additionally, educators will be able to obtain up to 11 hours toward their continuing education requirements.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact 601-359-5743. We look forward to an increased presence of educators at the 42nd Juvenile Justice Symposium.

For additional information: www.justiceforallyouth.com