2019 Learning Forward Mississippi Learning Retreat Measuring Success: Professional Learning & Outcomes Alignment

LFMS 2019 Designed Conference Flyer and Description PDF

November 11 & 12 – Table 100, Flowood, MS

Key Presenter: Frederick Brown, Deputy Executive Director, Learning Forward

Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students coherently aligns its outcomes with educator performance and student curriculum standards. Learning Systems are those school districts that value learning for adults as much as for students. These systems pay close attention to issues of equity, district culture, professional learning structures, and many other elements that impact teaching and learning.

On Day 1, participants will take part in a discussion of the seven Standards for Professional Learning before zeroing in on the Outcomes standard to learn more about the key components needed to develop their own learning systems. Concurrent afternoon sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to get to know the standards more closely, and to give special attention to Mississippi’s educator performance standards and the importance of high-quality curriculum/instructional materials.

On Day 2, special guests from local schools/districts will share how they are achieving success through alignment of outcomes and professional learning. Participants will have opportunities to learn from presenters representing these Spotlight schools/districts, as well as from one another.

Participants will leave the conference with a plan to develop and actualize the key components of their learning system.

Participants will receive a copy of the book Becoming a Learning System.

Please bring electronic devices such as an iPad or Smartphone in order to fully participate in all activities.

For more registration information and to register, visit our website at ms.learningforward.org and click Events from the menu bar.

CEUs and SEMIs available