2018 Public School Textbook Closeout Procedures

Greetings Superintendents and Textbook Coordinators:

The textbook closeout procedures for the current school year are listed below.  The deadline to complete the process is June 15, 2018.  Attachments that have to be returned may be faxed to the Textbook Office at 601-984-8275 or emailed to Chauncey Spears at crspears@mdek12.org.  Your continued cooperation in the implementation of these procedures is greatly appreciated.

  • Textbook Inventory Management System (TIMS): The active (textbooks that have been purchased throughout the school term and are currently being used in the district), surplus (textbooks that are no longer used in the school/district but do not qualify for disposal), and disposal (textbooks that are no longer used in the district because of condition issues, age, curriculum change, or loss) inventory must be completed through Textbook Inventory Management System (TIMS).  School districts are strongly encouraged to enter data before the deadline.  The TIMS program can only handle a limited amount of data entry at one time.  After this date, the system will be closed for maintenance.  A copy of the final report will not be mailed; instead, a reminder will be sent asking districts to review the TIMS report online and to return a signature page verifying that the information is accurate.
  • Textbook Coordinator Update Form: In order to better serve you, we ask that you help us update our records.  Complete and return the attached form only if there have been any changes.
  • Braille and/or Large Print Textbooks: All braille and/or large print textbooks must be returned to the Mississippi School for the Blind through the United States Postal Service.  The shipment should include the textbook and a packing slip that contains the district information, student name, subject, and number of volumes being returned.  In order to receive free shipping label the package – READING MATTER FOR THE BLIND-FREE-138.32-138.92.  Do not ship through UPS or another freight line.
  • Returns: Schools are reminded that any currently purchased unused textbooks should be returned to the depository, publisher, or vendor from which they were purchased.  Textbooks purchased during this fiscal year must be returned within the same year of purchase in order to receive credit.  Textbooks that are not returned by June 30, 2018 shall not be returned for credit.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Chauncey Spears via email at crspears@mdek12.org or via telephone at 601- 984-8273.

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