School Improvement Allocations and Plans

Greetings Superintendents and Federal Programs Directors:

The FY19 Title I School Improvement 1003 allocations for 2018-19 Comprehensive, Targeted, and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement identified schools have been released.
A guidance webinar has been pre-recorded to assist with completion of the FY19 application. It can be accessed by clicking the link provided below. The Funding Application, which must address the evidence-based interventions written in the school’s CSI, TSI or ATSI plan will be due on or before Friday, February 22, 2019. School teams are encouraged to utilize the Evidence-Based webpage to support efforts toward meeting this federal requirement.

Key Points to remember when developing your FY19 Application are:
• Intervention strategies must be data-informed and evidence-based, meeting the strong, moderate, or promising level of evidence;
• Specific school improvement roles must be assigned before being able to work within the system;
• Funding applications must be approved by the local school board;
• Funds must be obligated by September 30, 2020.
Please click the link provided to view the guidance webinar (1003 Guidance – Webinar) and the accompanying presentation (1003 Guidance – PowerPoint) for completing the funding application in MCAPS.
The allocations may be accessed by opening the Resources section on the School Improvement webpage, clicking the School Improvement 1003 Allocations link followed by clicking Title I, 1003 Allocations for FY19 (2018-2019).

Please share this information with principals of the CSI, TSI or ATSI schools in your district.

Please contact Dr. Sonja Robertson is you have any questions at or 601-359-1003.


Nathan Oakley, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer