New Social Studies Standards: MOCA Course Approval

MOCA_District Guidance_Aug2018

Once MOCA courses are approved, the courses are listed under the appropriate vendor name in the Approved Courses for the Secondary Schools of Mississippi manual. Vendor-developed courses will continue to be listed by vendor to keep the list transparent with regard to course development and delivery.

MOCA courses are approved for five years, or until content standards are revised, thereby necessitating a new course review and approval process. The Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Social Studies Standards are new for 2019-20; therefore, all online social studies courses need to be submitted using the new framework, which can be accessed at:

If you need more information concerning the MOCA process, please contact Dr. Dana Bullard, Bureau Director of Innovative and Accelerated programs in the Office of Secondary Education, at 601-359-3461 or, or visit



Wendy Clemons, Executive Director
Office of Secondary Education and Professional Development