Juvenile Detention Center Legislation Technical Amendment

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) and other stakeholders came together in the fall of 2018 to make recommendations to amend Miss. Code Ann. § 43-21-321.  The technical amendment was passed and will become effective on July 1, 2019.  Below is a summary of the major changes to the delivery of educational services within the detention centers:

The sponsoring school district, or a private provider agreed upon by the youth court judge and sponsoring school district, shall be responsible for providing the instructional program and, when required by state and federal law, special education services, for the detainee while in detention during the sponsoring school district’s academic calendar and a six-week summer enrichment program, the dates which are determined by the sponsoring school district.  The enrichment program shall be facilitated by certified or classified district staff and shall be focused academically on mathematics and English language arts instruction, and may include other primary core subject areas, including character education.  The six-week enrichment program shall not set aside any guidelines set forth by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  The summer enrichment program may be computer-based and have an abbreviated school day that shall not be less than four (4) hours per day.

The MDE, in collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Division of Public Safety Planning, and the Office of the Attorney General will conduct a training on the new legislation and revised standards once approval of the standards has been obtained.

Please direct questions to Toni Kersh (tkersh@mdek12.org) or Danny Rochelle (drochelle@mdek12.org) or (601) 359-5743.

Additional information is forthcoming.