District Re-Configuration Guidance for Superintendents

As the MDE Office of Technology & Strategic Services (OTSS) prepares a number of annual reports to the U.S. Department of Education for the 2017-18 school year, my office has become aware of complications due to locally approved mid-year school re-configurations.  By changing school configurations – restructuring, opening and/or closing schools – after a school year has started, local districts will experience negative impacts to their Average Daily Attendance (ADA).  Impacts to ADA affect MAEP calculations as defined in state statute.

Districts should carefully consider the reasoning and impact of re-configurations – restructuring, opening and/or closing schools – during the school year and only do so when other factors, such as financial hardship, outweigh these impacts to ADA and MAEP.

 OTSS would recommend that any locally approved re-configurations take effect on July 1 to avoid these negative impacts.  The offices that should receive a copy of the minutes where the board approved re-configurations are: Accreditation, School Financial Services, Technology & Strategic Services and Accountability (for testing purposes and cohort).

John Kraman, Chief Information Officer
Office of Technology and Strategic Services