Back to School Immunizations

School Nurse Letter Template (1)

Dear School Superintendents,

In an effort to help with transitioning into the 2019-20 school year, we request that your school staff members send a message to parents of 6th graders reminding them of the requirement to submit an updated 121 Immunization Compliance Form at 7th grade entry .  A dose of Tdap vaccine remains the requirement for 7th grade school entry, but we strongly encourage all students to receive HPV and meningococcal vaccine at the same time.  All three of these vaccines are needed to help protect children in our communities from life-threatening diseases and HPV-associated cancers.  Please join with us in promoting all three vaccines.

The following is a short message that may be sent to all 6th grade parents through a text or e-mail reminder system:

ATTENTION – Parents of 6th Graders: 

Avoid LONG back-to-school lines

Schedule your child’s wellness visit NOW!

Visit your regular physician, provider or come to your local health department.

Students entering 7th grade need vaccines

& a new 121 Compliance Form.

The MS State Dept of Health strongly recommends

HPV & Meningoccal vaccines at this age.

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

 We have also attached a template letter for school nurses or administrative to customize and utilize as appropriate.  Feel free to contact the MSDH Immunization Program at (601) 576-7751 with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your continued partnership to ensure the safety and well-being of the children of Mississippi.  



 Thomas Dobbs MD, MPH
State Health Officer
MS State Dept of Health