2018-19 Mississippi Teacher Council Application Available Now

The application for the 2018-19 Mississippi Teacher Council (MTC) is available. The deadline to submit an application is June 29, and teachers selected for the MTC will be notified in July.

The purpose of the MTC is to provide feedback to the State Superintendent of Education on the initiatives of the Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi State Board of Education, to empower teachers to discuss topics critical to their success in the classroom, and to identify new opportunities for the MDE to support teachers in their work. Teacher Council members meet with State Superintendent of Education Carey Wright, Ed.D., in regional meetings set in north, central and south Mississippi throughout the school year.

Teachers often implement effective strategies in their classrooms that can be shared statewide and provide valuable insights that could improve MDE initiatives. The MTC provides a venue for teachers to become advocates for their students and their profession through input into the decision-making process.

Additional information can be found on the MDE website.